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In a visually driven world, audiences not only evaluate what you say, but the package in which its delivered. The right messaging on the appropriate platform can transform understanding, influence behavior, and move industry forward. 

Through services including technical writing, editing, design, and conceptualization, Stratton Concepts will help you reach your audiences with impactful content, ensuring your ideas are clearly communicated through the most effective channels.

Whether you're looking to improve your website's blog content, draft a white paper, deliver a product pitch to a prospective client, or compile an annual report, we're here to take the stress out of content development. 




Ellie Bradley

Ellie studied dietetics before parlaying her love of science and writing into a master's degree in technical writing from Portland State University. As a graduate student, she worked for the Mechanical and Materials Engineering Department, providing academic writing and editing support the Jiao Research Group. In addition to working with clients in science and technology, Ellie is also a former editor of Fresh Cup Magazine, a trade publication serving the specialty coffee and tea industries.